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RDLN Leaders and Projects

The Following People have participated in RDLN's field work and study program. Their Sponsoring Organizations, Field Projects and Advisors are noted.

Acosta MIKE ACOSTA - Crystal City, TX
Sponsoring Organization: Community Council of Southwest Texas
Field Project: To develop a truckers cooperative in Southwest Texas.
Field Advisor: Jorge Botello
 Askew MARIA DELPILAR (Mapy) ALVAREZ - Accokeek, MD
Sponsoring Organization: Rural Coalition
Field Project: working with former farmworkers in Virginia to increase access to US Department of Agriculture resources
 Askew CLEO ASKEW - Epes, AL
Sponsoring Organization: Panola Land Buying Association Housing Development Corporation and the Federation of Southern Cooperatives
Field Project: To lead three low-income housing development efforts in Alabama.
Field Advisor: John Zippert, Federation of Southern Cooperatives
Study Advisors: Abigail Turner, Alabama Legal Services, and Harriet Macklin, Housing Assistance Council.
 Banks JAMES BANKS - Visalia, CA
Sponsoring Organization: Self -Help Enterprises
Field Project: To assist revitalization of a local community organization in Allensworth, a town founded by a former slave, complete renovation of a community center, and advocate for the town to be part of a CDBG target area.
Field Adviser: Bob Marshall
Study Advisors: Alexander Lark and Russell Fey, California State University
Beatty MARTHA BEATTY - Raeford, NC
Sponsoring Organization: North Carolina Hunger Network
Field Project: To establish a supervised youth center in Raeford.
Field Advisor: Shirley McClain
Bommer MINNIE BOMMER - Covington, TN
Sponsoring Organization: Community Resource Group
Field Project: To launch a pregnancy prevention program offering positive options for the future among African-American girls in a tri-county area.
Field Advisor: Sam Pieh
Study Advisors: Barbara Clinton, Vanderbilt University, and Levi Jones, Tennessee State University

BEVERLY BROWN - Sunny Valley, OR
Sponsoring Organization: Highlander Center
Field Project: To develop a community education center, The Jefferson Center, in an area populated by displaced timber workers.
Field Advisors: Candy Carawan, Paul deLeon and Nina Reining
Study Advisors: Louise P. Fortmann and Nancy Lee Pelosa, University of California at Berkeley
Note: Beverly Brown is the author of In Timber Country


LETICIA CARREON-MILLIGAN - Albuquerque, NM (now Arvado, CO)
Sponsoring Organization: Housing Assistance Council
Field Project: Internship in housing development.
Field Advisor: Anselmo Telles
Study Advisor: Maria Varela, University of New Mexico


 Cavazos FRANCISCA CAVAZOS - Phoenix, AZ
Sponsoring Organization: Maricopa County Organizing Project
Field Project: Community education among farmworkers and the general public in immigration and pesticides.
Field Advisor: Lupe Sanchez and Nadine Wettstein.
Study Advisors: Nadine Wettstein and Marjorie Zatz, Arizona State University, and Jose Bracamonte, Attorney
Cavazos MONICA CAYE - Elmo, MT
Sponsoring Organization: Ktunaxa Community Development Corporation
Field Project: To plan a Kiyi youth trail riding program and possible boarding school, which will train young people in the basics of horsemanship and develop a facility for tourists.
 Clark LEON CLARK - West Helena, AR
Sponsoring Organization: Boys, Girls, Adults Community Development Center
Field Project: To develop a youth entrepreneurship program in the Arkansas Delta.
Field Advisor: Carrie Johnson and Greg Davis
Study Advisors: George Herts, University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, Irene Lee, Fred Lee
MICHELLE COLE - Aliceville, AL
Sponsoring Organization: Cole Evangelical Ministries
Field Project:To establish a residential program for people with special needs.
Sponsoring Organization: Southern Echo
Field Project: Training on redistricting for people in the Mississippi Delta.
Field Advisor: Melbah Smith

Sponsoring Organization: Cherokee Nation
Field Project: Development of a community development support center, with special emphasis on woman's crafts.

 Correa HECTOR CORREA - Canovanas, P.R.
Sponsoring Organization: Institute for Community Development
Field Project: To develop appropriate technology for small scale agriculture and train poor landowners in using this technology.
Field Advisor: Wilhelmina Perry
Study Advisor: Antonia Pantoja and Wilhelmina Perry, Institute for Community Development, and Raphael A. Rios, University of Puerto Rico

Sponsoring Organization: Mississippi Association of Cooperatives
Field Project: Organizing one or more health fairs to promote preventive practices, with screenings and promotion of healthy behavior among Mississippi families.

Sponsoring Organization: Maidu Summit Group
Field Project: Land acquisition and developing tribal infrastructure
Field Advisor: Jonathan Freeman, Seventh Generation Fund
Study Advisor: Beth Rose Middleton, Native American Studies, University of California Davis

Sponsoring Organization: Appalachian People's Service Organization
Field Project: To use video training for young people as a tool for leadership development and community development.
Field Advisor: Jerry Scheeler, Virginia Polytechnic University, and Terry Robbins, Community Video Productions
Study Advisor: Jean H. Speer, Virginia Polytechnic University, and the Reverend Roderick Sinclair, Radford University
 Deleon HECTOR DeLEON - Caldwell, ID
Sponsoring Organization: Idaho Migrant Council
Field Project: To start a new project, Salud y Provecho, to identify and address special needs of the Hispanic population (especially farmworkers) in Idaho in relation to the mental health delivery system.
Field Advisor: Rosie Reilly, Nampa School District
Study Advisors: Dick Baker, Boise State University, and Al Sanchez, Idaho Department of Health and Welfare
 Derry KAREN DERRY - Happy Camp, CA
Sponsoring Organization: Karuk Community Development Corporation.
Field Project: To strengthen health care delivery in the Happy Camp area.
Field Advisor: Suzanne Burcell and Greg Gehr
Study Advisors: Suzanne Burcell, Karuk Community Development Corporation, and Mike Trombetta, Office Outfitters
Diaz JORGE DIAZ - Alexandria, VA
Sponsoring Organization: Housing Assistance Council
Field Project: Development and testing of a new tool to identify qualified low-income borrowers.
Field Advisor: Jonathan Jones
Study Advisors: Janet Krofta, Housing Assistance Council, and Virginia Spencer, the Urban Institute

EMMA DIXON - Mandeville, LA
Sponsoring Organization: Third Baptist Disrict
Field Project: Financial literacy with children and adults, including education on home ownership and credit worthiness.


CYNTHIA ELLIS - Belize, Central America
Sponsoring Organization: Belize Rural Women's Association and Agricultural Missions
Field Project: Culturally based economic development among poor women in Southern Belize.
Field Advisor: Billie Jean Young, Jackson State University
Study Advisors: Monroe Edmondson and Judy Maxwell, Tulane University


Sponsoring Organization: National Museum for Voting Rights
Field Project: To establish a residential facility for young men coming out of prison and those at-risk.
Sponsoring Organization: Southern Rural Black Women's Initiative (SRBWI)
Field Project: Forming a food hub in the Mississippi Delta with women farmers
Sponsoring Organization: Idaho Migrant Council
Field Project: To convert a former farm labor camp into a farmworker-owned single family and single unit housing, with community programs, especially business development efforts, housed there also.
Field Advisor: Rudy Peña. Idaho Hispanic Commission
Study Advisors: Tom Dennison, Brevard Community College, and Jim Lanahan, Social Health Services.
Sponsoring Organization: Big Valley Rancheria of Pomo Indians
Field Project: Developing an IDA program for home ownership
Guillebeaux SCHERRI GREENE - Lapwai, ID
Sponsoring Organization: ONABEN (TBC)
Field Project:To assist salmon fishers in developing a processing plant and to organize a regional fair of native food.
 Guillebeaux JACK GUILLEBEAUX - Montgomery, AL
Sponsoring Organization: Federation of Child Care Center of Alabama (FOCAL)
Field Project: To work against internalized oppression, developing materials and testing them among young people in Lowdnes County.
Field Advisor: Sophia Bracy-Harris
Study Advisors: Richard Wells, University of South Alabama, Emma Norris, Troy State University, Valerie Batts, Virginia Commonwealth University
Note: Author of More is Caught Than Taught.
Hampton YVONNE HAMPTON - Butler, AL
Sponsoring Organization: Southern Rural Women's Network
Field Project: To work with African-American women craft producers and small farmers to further economic development in Alabama.
Field Advisor: Clark Arringon, Industrial Cooperative Association
Study Advisors: Billie Jean Young and Sharon Miles, Southern Rural Women's Network
 Hedstrom LINDA HEDSTROM - Lakeport, CA
Sponsoring Organizations: Rural Communities Housing Development Corporation and California Human Development Corporation
Field Project: To develop a farmworker housing project in Lake County.
Field Advisors: Tom MonPere, Communities Housing Development Corporation, Tony Silva, California Human Development Corporation
Study Advisors: Patricia Harrison, University of California, and Ron Javor, California Department of Housing and Community Development
Hedstrom GERI HEWANKORN - Big Arm, MT
Sponsoring Organization: Ktunaxa Community Development Corporation
Field Project: To develop a town center as a focal point for tribal services and businesses, as well as a place for visitors to shop and to learn about the tribe.
Guillebeaux SARAH HIDALGO-COOK - Crystal City, TX
Sponsoring Organization: Community Council of Southwest Texas
Field Project: To help streamline her CAP agency and redirect it toward long-term strategies.
Field Advisor: Jorge Botella, Executive Director
Study Advisor: Ismael Sosa, President of Southwest Texas Community College
Sponsoring Organization: Coalition of Alabamians for Education Reform (CARE)
Field Project: To work with parents to advocate for two new curriculum components in the public schools: in black history and in vocational education (including farming) and economic awareness.
Sponsoring Organization: Sanford Arts Coalition, NC
Field Project: Multicultural Arts Program: Youth and Drama
TONY JACK - Kelseyville, CA
Sponsoring Organization: Big Valley Rancheria of Pomo Indians
Field Project
: Developing a charter school with a culturally appropriate curriculum
 Jackson ROBERT JACKSON - Marks, MS
Sponsoring Organization: Mississippi Action for Community Education
Field Project: Economic development planning in Quitman County.
Field Advisor: Larry Farmer, Mississippi Action for Community Education, and John Zippert, Federation of Southern Cooperatives
Study Advisors: Ronald Swager, University of Southern Mississippi, and Ronald Love, Mississippi State Department of Education
Jah NKWANDA JAH - Gainesville, FL
Sponsoring Organization: Central Florida Community Action Agency, Inc. and Three Rivers Legal Services
Field Project: To develop new multipurpose centers for service delivery and project development in Alachua County
Field Advisors: - Oscar Harris, Central Florida Community Action Agency, and Allison Thomson, Three Rivers Legal Services
Study Advisors: Ruth Johnson, Educator


Sponsoring Organization: Federation of Southern Cooperatives
Field Project: To strengthen membership and increase assets of three low-income credit unions in the South.
Field Advisor: John Zippert
Study Advisor: Karl Wright, South Carolina State University, and John Zippert


 Jones C.J. JONES - Braxton, MS
Sponsoring Organization: The Mendenhall Ministries
Field Project: To develop a plan for low-income housing, including building equity among low-income people.
Field Advisor: Curtis Jordan, Community Resource Group
Study Advisor: Robert Young, Mississippi Valley State University, Suzanne Griggins, Kathryn Weathersby, Jackson State University
Jorgensen CAROL JORGENSEN - Juneau, AK
Sponsoring Organization: Native American Fish & Wildlife Society/Alaska Region
Field Project: To plan for re-acquisition of land formerly owned by her clan in order to establish a cultural center and economic base for the clan.
Field Advisor: Michele Davis, Native American Fish and Wildlife Society
Study Advisors: Robert F. Schoeder, Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Robert Thorton, University of Alaska, and Barbara Cadiente-Nelson, Clan member
Joyner SYLVIA JOYNER - Galveston, TX
CAROL JUDY - Clairfield, TN
Sponsoring Organization: Appalachian Based Community Development Education (ABCDE)
Field Project: To focus on planning an outdoor classroom learning center using permaculture processes and working with other organizations and universities.
Sponsoring Organization: First Nations Financial Project
Field Project: To develop the Makoce Institute, growing organic food for local organizations.
Field Advisor: Rebecca Adamson
Study Advisor: Robert Hunter, University of Colorado

Sponsoring Organization: Salish Kootenai College
Field Project: To create a web community among the seven tribes in Montana for marketing and educational purposes.

 Laduke WINONA LaDUKE - White Earth, MN
Sponsoring Organization: Seventh Generation Fund
Field Project: To strengthen organizational structure of a women's marketing collective and to increase its sales of wild rice.
Field Advisor: Jacques Saronde
Study Advisors: Ted Jojola, University of New Mexico, Burt Davenport, Minnesota Chippewa Tribe, and Ward Churchill, University of Colorado
 LaRan ANITA LaRAN - Mora, NM
Sponsoring Organization: Helping Hands, Inc.
Field Project: To form a support group for women in the Mora area and to establish a community kitchen so that women may prepare food for commercial purposes.
Field Advisor: Maria Varela, Rural Resources
Study Advisors: Horacio Trujillo and Carlos Miera, Consultants, and Cruz Torres, University of Texas
Sponsoring Organization: Ktunaxa Community Development Corporation
Field Project: To research and disseminate information about traditional plants that have edible, medoicinal, or other uses and work toward starting a nursery / landscaping business, using native plants.
Guillebeaux ANGIE MAIN - Havre, MT
Field Project: To launch a Native American Lending Consortium for home mortgages on reservations.

SHIRLEY McCLAIN - Holly Springs, NC
Sponsoring Organization: North Carolina Hunger Project
Field Project: To develop a community garden as part of an economic development plan, and produce a manual.
Field Advisor: Rich Bell, SEEDS
Study Advisors: Barbara Clawson, North Carolina Hunger Network, and Debbie Warren, Southern Rural Development Initiatives

Video on Shirley's Life: link


Sponsoring Organization: Blackfeet Tribal Business Information Center
Field Project: To start a microlending program and establish a business incubator for fledgeling ventures by tribal members.

Sponsoring Organization: Heifer Project
Field Project: Marketing with immigrant Hmong farmers
Field Advisors: Allison Cohen and Lindsay Ketchel, Heifer International.
Study Advisor: Frank Mangan, University of Massachusettes, Amherst.
Guillebeaux TIRSO MORENO - Apopka, FL
Sponsoring Organization: Florida Association of Farmworkers
Field Project: To research the effect of globalization on citrus workers in Florida and Brazil and to reduce the negative impact of impending mechanization on these workers.

JULIE MOSS - Tahlequah, OK
Sponsoring Organization: The Cherokee Nation
Field Project: To launch a microlending program for the Cherokee Nation.
Field Advisor: Iola Hayden, Oklahomans for Indian Opportunity
Study Advisors: Richard Taub, University of Chicago, Marvin Jones, Ron Qualls & Associates, and Donald Voth, University of Arkansas at Fayetteville



Sponsoring Organization: Delaware tribe of Western Oklahoma
Field Project: To develop a land acquisition plan for the Delaware Tribe.
Field Advisor: Paul Fischer, ASCOG
Study Advisors: Kathy Hale, University of Oklahoma, and David Hale, Delaware Tribe


Sponsoring Organization: Ktunaxa Community Development Corporation
Field Project: To organize Kootenai artists, help market their work, and perhaps form a cooperative and open a local store.
ortega SHIRLEY ORTEGA - Alamosa, CO
Sponsoring Organization: Saquache County Community Council
Field Project: To strengthen a women's craft group, Artes del Valle, which produces crafts and other items, relying heavily on traditional embroidery and weaving.
Field Advisor: Sally Harper Beach, Economic Development Consultant
Study Advisors: Kathleen Figgen, Karen Loveland, Adams State College
 Padilla DIANE PADILLA - Atwater, CA
Sponsoring Organization: Merced County of Strategic and Economic Development and Merced County Mexican-American Chamber of Commerce.
Field Project: To strengthen the administration of the Merced County Mexican-American Chamber of Commerce
Field Advisors: Karen Prentiss, Merced County Deputy Administrator and Leon Martinez, Merced County Mexican-American Chamber of Commerce
Paris ALICE PARIS - Tuskegee, AL
Sponsoring Organization: Federation of Southern Cooperatives
Field Project: To develop a model for women workers and plan five new business ventures with the Freedom Quilting Bee
Field Advisors -Ralph Paige
Study Advisors: Ntam Baharayni and Bob Zabawa, Tuskegee Institute
Paris EDITH RICHARDSON - South Berwick, ME
Sponsoring Organization: Maine Coalition for Food Securiity
Field Project: To organize hungry people in Southern Maine through capacity building and leadership development, starting a community garden, perhaps selling produce, and even developing analysis and advocacy related to hunger.
Sponsoring Organization: Black Freedmen’s Living Historical Farm for Children
Field Project: Developing sustainable agricultural and architectural systems
Savage MARILYN SAVAGE - Ft. Yukon, AK
Sponsoring Organization: Gwandak Public Broadcasting, Inc.
Field Project: To develop programming for a new community radio station in this remote area, with an emphasis on preserving native culture and language.
Field Advisors: Barry Wallis, Phyllis Fast, Lael Morgan
Study Advisors: Lael Morgan, University of Alaska, and Phyllis Fast, graduate student
Sponsoring Organization: Mississippians Engaged in Greener Agriculture (MEGA)
Field Project: nutrition education with youth and parents while training young people in farming

Sponsoring Organization: Federation of Southern Cooperatives
Field Project: To develop a resource center for small farmers in southwestern Georgia.
Field Advisor: Ralph Paige
Study Advisor: Walter Burgess and Henry Gilmore, Albany State College




Sponsoring Organization: Rio Grande Center
Field Project: To develop a system for banking of water rights and to clarify ownership of rights.
Field Advisor: Art Estrada
Study Advisors: Jose Rodriguez, University of New Mexico and Fred Waltz, Northern New Mexico Legal Services




Sponsoring Organization: Small Farm Resource and Training Center
Field Project: To strengthen local markets for produce grown by Hmong farmers.
Sponsoring Organizations: California Rural Legal Assistance and CRLA Foundation
Field Project: To organize farmworker women on a statewide basis and to develop a model training and leadership development program for farmworker women
Field Advisors - Grizelle Apodaca, Oxfam America, and Emma Lechuga, Somos Hermanas Unidas
Study Advisors: Devra Weber, University of California at Riverside, and David Serena
 Khoa TRUONG DANG KHOA - Hue, Vietnam
Sponsoring Organization: - Nordic Assistance to Vietnam
Field Project: To form a network of organizers in the A Luoi district.
Field Advisor: Harek Aspenes

Sponsoring Organization: Ganados del valle
Field Project: To explore a regional economic development strategy with three villages in northern New Mexico: Los Ojos, Cahilan, and Vallecitos

 Vang SHOUA VANG - Hugo, MN
Sponsoring Organization: Hmong/Highlander Development Fund/Indo-China Resource Action Center
Field Project: To increase markets for an extended family farm cooperative and research possibility of use of Laotian agricultural practices in Minnesota.
Field Advisor: Carol Leviton
Study Advisor: Edgar Persons, University of Minnesota
Vautrin TERI VAUTRIN - Gate City, VA
Sponsoring Organization: Dungannon Development Commission
Field Project: To develop new support systems for non-traditional women learners.
Field Advisor: Anne Leibig and Helen Lewis, Highlander Center
Study Advisors: Helen Lewis and Anne Leibig, Clinch River Education Center
Sponsoring Organization: CASA (Communities Assuring a Sustainable Agriculture) del Llano
Field Project: Youth food survey leading to the formation of a food policy council
Warneke NANCY WARNEKE - Kalispell, MT
Sponsoring Organization: Salish Kootenai College
Field Project: To launch a revolving loan fund for business development on the Flathead Reservation.
Field Advisor: Gerald Sherman, Four Tmes Foundation,
Study Advisors: Michele Lansdowne and Gerald Sherman
Whitaker LILLIE WEBB - Sparta, GA
Sponsoring Organization: Center for Community Development
Field Project: To develop a microenterprise program, including training for community residents and development of new businesses.
 Whitaker JADINE WHITAKER - St. Louis, MO
Sponsoring Organization: Institute for Community Education & Training
Field Project: Capacity building among low-income women.
Field Advisor: Gardenia White
Study Advisors: Alice Jacobson, Associate Provost College of Charleston
Sponsoring Organization: Mississippi Association of Cooperatives
Field Project: Farm-to-School Marketing, Nutrition Education, and Farm Safety in the Delta
 Wright ANNIE WRIGHT (HUFF)- Marvell, AR
Sponsoring Organization: Boys, Girls, Adults Community Development Center
Field Project: To launch a peer tutorial program in the public schools. The Leader was elected first African-American president of the Marvell Board of Education while in the program
Field Advisor: Beatrice Clark Shelby
Study Advisors: George Herts, University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, and Ruth Densen, Marvell School District
Sponsoring Organization: Norther Circle Indian Housing Authority
Field Project: To develop a statewide native women's health leadership program, Hinthil Mathas Organizing for Health(HMOH).

Note: Advisors are affiliated with Sponsoring Organization if no other organization is listed.


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