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What's New Winter 2005-06

Site Visits
Transforming a Community Action Agency   Healthy Food, Exercise, Health

Food and Justice for Farm Workers

Tirso Moreno's RDLN Field Project is to conduct research in globalization and how it affects citrus workers in the U.S. (Southwest Florida) and Brazil. The Florida Farmworkers Association, under his leadership, is investigating the effect on workers' wages in both locations, product price, mechanization possibilities, tarrifs, and possible displacement of U.S. workers.

The project is helping to strengthen relations between U.S.

RDLN Leader Tirso Moreno addressing a group of students during RDLN site visit.

and Brazilian workers who are unionized.

The Florida Farmworkers Association also works on pesticide issues and other issues related to thhe health, safety and just treatment and compensation of farmworkers.

Tirso is also on the Board of the Southern Partners Fund and has worked with that organization on assisting affected farmworkers and other immigrants in affected Southern areas.


Tirso meeting with his Study Advisor Dr. Paul Mohaghan
Tirso with potential RDLN applicant Fernando Luevas, on the staff of the Southern Partners Fund.

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Transforming a Community Action Agency

RDLN Leader Sarah Hidalgo-Cook with Field Advisor (1) Jorge Bottello, Executive Director of the Community Council of Southwest Texas and graduate of the National Rural Fellows Program, and Study Advisor, Ismael Sosa, President, Southwest Texas Community College. Sarah's RDLN Field Project is to assist her agency, Community Council of Southwest Texas to change from a service-providing agency to a vehicle for economic development, providing greater challenge and opportunity for constituents. (see CCSWT Economic Summit)



Healthy Food, Exercise, Health

Visits were made to Alabama and discussions held with RDLN Leader Michelle Cole. Her reconceived RDLN Field Project will be to open a full-fledged health and fitness center under the umbrella of her Sponsoring Organization (Cole Evangelistic Ministries) to encourage healthy eating, exercise and understanding of prevalent diseases and prevention methods amoung local people. See Alabama Blackbelt Heatlh Hearing.

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