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Assembly 2013

Silent Auction

Mereidth MeGee's scarf is at risk Yawah Awolowo shows off her new earrings
Nancy Gaynor galvanizing bidders

Auctioneers Anita LaRan (standing far left) and Nancy Gaynor (standing right) led the group in a Silent Auction. Network members brought many items from home to sell, including jewelry, crafts, knickknacks, and clothing. In a spirited session of live biddingthe leaders even
attempted to auction off the clothes that people were wearing. The lovely gown worn by Yawah Awolowo (above, center) was sold as was Meredith McGee's scarf (above left). The successful bidders generously returned the garments to their owners. Yawah bought the earrings she is
wearing above. Charles Sherrod (seated second from the left in photo above right) tried to keep the bidding prices down by repeating "One dollah....One dollah". The event was coordinated by the RDLN Network Fundraising Committee, headed by Mily Treviño-Sauceda,
who organized a group to create original RDLN aprons (see bottom of page).

Twila Martin-Kekahbah bidding on a food package Shirley Sherrod placing a competing bid Nancy Gaynor bidding

Anamaru, above (c), daughter of RDLN Leader Euneika Rogers-Sipp models an original RDLN apron, one of three created by Mily Treviño-Sauceda with a team that included Leticia Carreón and Ben Yoyola. Mily, President of Alianza Nacional de Campesinas, is an RDLN Board Member, graduate, and Chair of the Network Fundraising Committee. Committee members are Nancy Gaynor, Geri Hewankorn, Anita LaRan, Twila Martin-Kehkahbah, Meredith McGee and Shirley Sherrod.

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