As an extremely satisfied customer, I can personally attest to and recommend the Freedom Quilting Bee's high quality product. I was involved in the Hitachi Foundation's commissioning of the quilt for Eliot Richardson, which was absolutely gorgeous. I have also purchased several of the potholders and place mats for the holiday gifts. In 1998 my husband and I sent material to have Freedom Quilting Bee make a quilt for our eldest daughter, which has been on her bed ever since and looks as stunningly beautiful today as the day it arrived. At the moment, Freedom Quilting Bee is completing work on a quilt for our younger daughter. Well beyond their exquisite beauty, these quilts are incredibly well made and durable (machine washable too!!). They will be keepsakes for our daughters through their lifetimes. In the meantime, each time we look at the quilts we are moved by the thought that these Alabama women are sharing their talent, heritage, and warmth with the world. In return, they are gaining important family and community income, skills, and business experience that support their self-reliance in an increasingly complex, competitive global economy.

Laurie Regelbrugge