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Rural Leadership Summit

At RDLN's Rural Leadership Summit in June 2006, Network members looked at ways they -- and the RDLN Network could take a stronger role in the civic arena. They reviewed the Federal Budget, looking for allocations that benefit community people, and discussed priorities for a "Platform for Rural Communities." Among the topics discussed were Agriculture, Environment, Education, Health, and Finance. See a draft of the platorm here.

Shirley McClain

Federal Budget Discussion

Shirley McClain, RDLN Issues Coodinator, leads a discussion
of the Federal Budget, using a chart developed by WAND

Moises Loza

Speaking Truth to Power

RDLN Board Chairman Moises Loza led a session,
with role playing, on "How to Communicate
with Legislators" and others in positions of power.

Robert L. Jackson

The Challenge of Political Life

RDLN Leader Mississippi State Senator Robert L. Jackson spoke to the group about the process of running for office and holding office.

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