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Assembly 2006 Site Visits

RDLN Leader Scherri Greene, a Nez Perce fisher from Idaho, visits a monument commemorating Civil Rights events in Albany, Georgia. The economic development projects and other efforts below evolved from the Civil Rights movement.

Shirley Sherrod distributes pecans at Southern Alternatives, a pecan processing plant that has sold pecans to Ben and Jerry's.

The Flint River Farmers Cooperative, organized by Shirley Sherrod, is a member of the Federation of Southern Cooperatives.

Members of the East Baker Historical Society, Oriska Myers, Mattie Vaughn and Dollie Jackson, above, welcome Assembly attendees to a banquet in their building, a school that was a segregated black school in the old days and is now being used for activities like Head Start and after school activities. A commercial kitchen is being built where women will be able to prepare products for sale. A business incubator is also planned. Community people have invested their time, work, and money in the project.

A play called "The Bottom" was created by a professional playwright who wove together stories of people from Early County, Georgia. The roles are enacted by the people themselves. A portion of the play was presented at the Assembly. Another section was presented by RDLN as part of its Rural Women in Drama event at the UN Commission on the Status of Women in New York in 2006. (CSW 06)

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