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Assembly 2006 Site Visits

RDLN Leader Scherri Greene, a Nez Perce fisher from Idaho, visits a monument commemorating Civil Rights events in Albany, Georgia. The economic development projects and other efforts below evolved from the Civil Rights movement.

Shirley Sherrod distributes pecans at Southern Alternatives, a pecan processing plant that has sold pecans to Ben and Jerry's.

The Flint River Farmers Cooperative, organized by Shirley Sherrod, is a member of the Federation of Southern Cooperatives.

Members of the East Baker Historical Society, Oriska Myers, Mattie Vaughn and Dollie Jackson, above, welcome Assembly attendees to a banquet in their building, a school that was a segregated black school in the old days and is now being used for activities like Head Start and after school activities. A commercial kitchen is being built where women will be able to prepare products for sale. A business incubator is also planned. Community people have invested their time, work, and money in the project.

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